Staging a Show

As you all know, I’m in film school now. And here, we are required to direct and shoot eight films in a year. I just got done with two. I’m shooting the next one tomorrow. And I thought I would put up both the script and the video over here for all you to read and watch. Feedback would be really helpful.

The first project is a mise-en-scene. It is silent, black and white and shot on 16 mm film. As the requirement went, it is only about thirty seconds long and comprises of only one shot.


(I had to make few changes and rewrite parts of it in the last minute because of technical difficulties, so the film isn’t exactly the same as the script)


A double edged razor blade is lying in a corner near the wall. The wall is completely bare. We can’t see much of the apartment, but it is obvious that it is quite bare. A perfectly manicured hand reaches for the blade and delicately picks it up. The hand belongs to a beautiful girl (18-22 years old) with dark, thick wavy hair. She is wearing a sequinned dress that screams bling and heels to match. Her makeup is smudged. She has obviously been crying. She picks up the blade and stares at it for a second, curiously. She raises the hand holding the blade and leans her head in towards her wrist in quite frustration, the blade pointing away. Immediately, almost as though interrupted, she puts her hand down and looks away, taking a deep shuddering breath. She gently presses the blade against the skin of her wrist. Her eyes close simultaneously. She presses the blade against her wrist harder and at the same time, squeezes her eyes shut tighter. Suddenly, after a few seconds, she unexpectedly throws the blade down, towards the wall, gets up and walks away decisively. As she walks away, we see that it is actually a shoot going on. After a few steps, the girl relaxes visibly and approaches a make up artist standing nearby for a touch up. To her right, there is a boy fiddling with the lights while another on the left is checking something on a clipboard.

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